5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire Me

There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a photographer. Some are more important than others. Some might only apply to particular photographers. So I’ve come up with 5  reasons why you shouldn’t hire me.


  1. Videographers are more important

This one might sound a bit odd, but hear me out.  The key element for me is audio! As a seasoned and passionate photographer, I will be able to remind you how you felt, but a talented videographer will take you back to what it was that made you feel that way. I value people having multiple ways to enjoy their day for many years to come and I think video is an important piece of that puzzle. If you’re tossing up between myself and a great videographer – I’d urge you to go with them.


  1. You only want digital files

If you’re not planning to invest in a physical, tangible, beautifully crafted set of prints of your photos to look back on and treasure, I’m maybe not the photographer for you. I’d at least begin by urging you to reconsider. In my opinion, physical prints are key to remembering and being transported back to how you felt whilst being photographed. Have you ever flicked through your grandparents photos? There’s something unique and important about turning those pages that you can’t get with a USB…

  1. Your MAIN concern is the money.

Realistically, of course consider prices as a part of your decision making. But if this is your deal breaker, your bottom line and the number one concern when finding your photographer… I’m telling you now, your focus is completely off what truly matters. There are far more important things to consider than crunching the numbers. Such as; your photographer’s style, passion, focus, talent and if you connect with them! A photographer experiences your day with you.  Are they going to add to your overall experience? If you’re not sure on any of these points, maybe dig a little deeper to think of what you’d value in a photographer.

  1. You’re more into posing than enjoying the moment

I’m not going to fix my attention on a single couple and simply shoot posed, stiff and emotionless photos. It’s just not what I’m about. I’m more interested in real life memorable moments that are packed full of emotion. Seeing how your best friend reacted during the ceremony, how your parents shared a lifetime of memories that led to this day in a single look, how your grandfather watched on with tears in his eyes remembering his own wedding day or how your adorable flower girl cried all the way down the aisle. These are the moments worth remembering. Fifty photos of the same pout just ain’t going to cut it for me!

  1. You’re not into adventure

I do things a little differently sometimes so I love working with go-with-the-flow, adventurous kind of spirits. I like to have fun, live in the moment and get beautiful images of the people I’m with. If I see a beautiful location nearby but the natural light is fading quick AND there’s a fence in between…we’re probably going to climb over or under that fence! Or stand in the rain… Or make dust clouds with cars… Or our own coloured smoke haze with flares. Don’t want to get your feet a little dirty to get that breathtaking shot? I’m probably not your guy.


Do any of these 5 surprise you? Let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to encourage you to find a photographer that fits you as a couple, who you are and what you’re all about. If you find a great match, you’ll enjoy your day and be left with images that are worth far more than the paper they’re printed on. Maybe that’s not me but if you resonate with this post then maybe it is?




Hi James,

Me and my partner are looking for a photographer for our wedding on 12/08/2020 in Athol Hall, Mosman. Could you please provide me with variety of package quotes?
Thank you so much.


Hi, I am looking at booking a photographer as a gift for my god daughter’s wedding in March 2021. Are you able to provide me with a variety of package quotes so I can start planning. I grew up in Armidale – my parents are still there – that’s how I knew about you! The wedding will be in Wandiligong, Victoria…
thank you

Hi James

We have booked our wedding day for February 8 2020. We would love to come and see you. We love the fact that you are not a fan of staged photos. We would love the more natural shots which capture the most sentimental moments.

Please let me know when you are available to meet up.

0423 706 039

Hi James,
My partner and I are looking for a photographer for our spring wedding this year.
Reading you’re ‘5 reasons not to hire you’ made me giggle.
I definitely love the fact that you don’t focus on staged photos. I hate myself on photos and staged ones are my enemy ?
And we’re definitely up for an adventure. I guess married life is one of the biggest you can experience.

Would you please quote me for a 4/5 hour wedding coverage?