I want to be the friend you didn’t know you had.

I am a passionate photographer from the beautiful Southern Highlands, just south of Sydney. I have been making photos for the better part of my life. Over the past 2 years I have dedicated my life to learning how to photograph people and their emotions.


Photography is more than just taking photos, it allows me to tell a story through emotions. I aim to capture an exact moment in time, where the world around those being photographed stops.





To me photographs are windows into moments of your life. These moments will become vivid memories in the form of a photographs.



James Day
"I love a relaxed wedding and I love couples who have adventure in their hearts."

Tell us, what draws you to wedding photography?

The unknown is what draws me to this line of photography. Normally I am hired 6-12months out from the job, there is no way of telling what the weather or light will do on that given day. Knowing that every wedding will be different to that last is also a challenge. I want to serve my couples to the best of my ability to tell their storey through my camera. I want to capture all the little things that you didn’t even have time to notice, like your grandma and grandpa having a hug on there dance floor, your Auntie shedding a tear as you are walking down the aisle, or your little cousin playing with toy cars during your ceremony.






James Day

What have your favourite things been about learning from James for the past two years?

Some of my favourite things I have learnt from James is how to see the light and how to connect with people. One thing that stood out to me about James’s work prior to meeting him, was how amazing the light in all of his images. I felt my work really lacked this edge. The way James has taught me to see light has changed the way I see the world, it it truely like a 6th sense. James also has amazing way of understanding what the couple want delivering it at every wedding.







James Day
"Get in touch, I'd love to arrange a time to chat through all of your plans and get to know you both."