Way back when.

As a kid I used to travel a lot with my dad. My dad was a keen photographer too and you would always find him photographing beautiful landscapes. When I was with him, it was always clear that we saw the world differently – I wanted to photograph the people I met, rather than the landscapes like dad.

What my dad taught me was that capturing the images was only half the experience. Upon arriving home, dad would print all the images and we would sit around the kitchen table and talk about all the wonderful experiences we shared.

We would sit around the dining table and piece together stories as we placed the prints in an album. Years after my father’s passing, I still look back at those albums and remember, not only the time that we spent together on the holidays, but the time we spent crafting the stories that we wanted to tell.

These days I offer a similar experience to my clients. We share such wonderful moments, then meet around a dining table to put together a wedding album that tells their story.

I’d love to put together an album for you and help you tell your story.

Let me tell
your story.