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As well as being a full-time wedding photographer, I also keep a few weekends aside each year to teach wedding photographers everything I know.

Check out the video above from Ian Pritchard to get a feel of the Daylight Learn experience.

Kind words from
Samuel Goh (Singapore)

THANK YOU so much for the workshop, and for giving and sharing so openly with everyone there. It was not only a great experience, but an eye-opening and if I may say, life changing experience for me.


Kind words from
Renee Barwood Towers

“Such a great workshop and experience. Apart from gaining a whole lot of awesome knowledge, it was great to hang out with a great bunch of like minded people and of course James too.”

Kind words from
Scott Lahiff

“Absolute game changer! Anyone tossing up whether or not to do this workshop, stop now and book it! You won’t regret it. Also, the food will be next level.”

What's included?

The primary focus of the workshop is client interaction and the techniques I use to bring out the best in people. There will be gorgeous couples to photograph and lots of 1 on 1 guidance from me.
I will personally teach you how to direct your clients in a way that is stress-free and puts you in a zone where you can be creative, consistent and produce images that will leave your clients thinking that you are a genius.

We will be covering in depth the types of light I choose to shoot in and how to find them anywhere. Together, we will play lots of games and I will give you challenges that will push you to create stronger imagery.

I understand it can be so daunting in your first few years of business. I’ve been there and come through the other side. I’ll tell you the mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid them. I’ll show you exactly how and why I do everything in my business. We’ll spend time dreaming & planning how you would like your photography business to support your chosen lifestyle.

You will also learn the steps to run a profitable business that also produces raving fans each and every time. As well as all of this, I’ll be an open book. Any questions you have, I’ll answer.

Why am I doing this?

I’m passionate about teaching people how to create a business that serves their lifestyle and doing it in a way that supports the industry as a whole to grow and prosper so that we can all continue to have a sustainable business for many many years to come.

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