Designing v2

Hey friends!

On this page, I’d like to guide you through the process of what it takes to put your wedding album together.

Firstly, as you’re all aware, the album is a separate purchase. The cost is $1500 (discounted to $1250 if purchased before the wedding) and includes the first 10 spreads (however most couples add extra spreads) in your wedding album. The album as standard is 10×10 inches and is square in shape. This cost includes:

  1. A 10 x 10 inch fine art wedding album.
  2. The time to design and the manufacture of the album.
  3. A range of cover materials that you can choose at no extra cost. Upgrade to leather or suede for $100.
  4. A matte coating applied to each page that makes the album pages water resistant and more durable.
  5. 1 Complimentary deboss on the front cover of your album of a file supplied by you or your names written using our signature font. We use the same custom font that’s used across our entire branding suite, which is unique to the James Day brand.

Here’s an example of the Signature Deboss which is complimentary.

Below is an example of an extra deboss that could be added. In this example we’ve included the wedding details like the wedding date and location on the back of the album.

Most couples choose to add extra spreads to their album as a guide we’ll provide here the price that different sized albums would be.
Extra spreads are available at the price of $100 per spread, Once you reach certain spreads numbers though it can end up cheaper to buy a block of 10 spreads. A spread is 2 pages, or in other words, the left and right hand side of the page.

10 Spreads – $1250 (this is the base)
20 Spreads – $2250  ($1000 extra)
30 Spreads – $2995 ($1745 extra) – This is the most popular choice.
40 Spreads – $3495 ($2245 extra)

Duplicate (6×6 inch in size) parent albums are $450 for 1 or $400 each once you order 2 or more. The price for these does not change no matter how many spreads you have!

For extra deboss (for example, having another deboss on the spine or back of the album, there is an extra charge of $50 per deboss. Custom designed deboss is $100 to help cover the cost of the calligrapher to complete the design.

Below is an example of a hand drawn calligraphy option (which is then converted into a digital file, then a stamp, which is available for $100 which includes the design fee for the hand drawn calligraphy as well as the deboss fee.

What we need to do to get started on your album

Firstly, Log into your CloudSpot gallery with your email address. Favourite images that you’d like included in your album.

For a base 10 spread album, we’d recommend selecting between 50-100 photos that will be used as a starting point for your design. On average, across the entire book there are 3 images used per spread, which may include 1 image per double page spread, pages with 2 images per spread, or collage spreads with multiple images coming together to tell the story. We aim to design with a mix of all of the above to create an interesting album. Please keep in mind that not every image you’ve favourited will be included in the original design.

If you’d like to design an album which has more than the base 10 spreads, we will be able to include more images, thus we’d recommend choosing up to 200 images as a starting point. Please let us know what you’d like us to aim for in the original design, 10, 20, 30 or 40 spreads.

As a guide, a 10 spread album might include 30 images, a 20 spread might include 60, 30 spreads might include 90 images and 40 spreads could include up to 120 images. As we add more spreads, we’re able to tell more in depth stories, for example if we were working with a 10 spread album might look a little like this.

  1. Opening spread of a photo you love.
  2. Partner A getting ready.
  3. Partner B getting ready.
  4. Ceremony.
  5. Group photos/bridal party
  6. Couple photos
  7. Couple photos
  8. Reception
  9. Dancing
  10. Final Spread.

By adding more spreads we are able to include multiple spreads per different segment of the day.

To see a visual example of these albums, click the following links.

10 spread album example.