When I begun photographing weddings in 2002 I searched high and low for inspiration. In 2003, one of Australia’s best wedding photographers took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. He inspired me to be the best I could possibly be and to want to be an industry leader like him one day.

Since then, I’ve been eager not only to continue learning, but to also share what I’ve learnt along the way.

I’ve been a full-time wedding photographer for 18 years & counting and I’ve been instrumental in helping hundreds of photographers around the world make huge changes in their businesses.

A career highlight for me was when I met up with a past mentoree 2 years after I shared everything I knew with them, and they invited me around to their new home for a BBQ. They opened the door and they said “Thanks to you, we were able to buy our dream home. We did what you told us to do and it worked. Let us show you around”. There is no better feeling than that let me tell you!

What do you need help with? Is it marketing? Do you need someone to help you with ideas on how you could improve your website or social media? Do you struggle with your camera settings? Do you need to talk pricing, packages and all things money? I can help with this & much more.

I’m opening this up for a short period of time while weddings are on hiatus.

The fee for mentoring is $600 per hour and you can purchase your first hour here.

Once you’ve paid, email me at hello @ and we’ll arrange a time to catch up.