This was quite the family affair. Let me explain.

The bride is actually my sister in law, Erin. With both her brother in laws (Michael Gray and I) being wedding photographers, she asked us both to capture her wedding in Italy for her.

I’m only sharing the images I shot, but to try and claim these all as my own wouldn’t be fair, there’s pieces of Michael and his influence in all of these images.

I’m going to be honest with you. When I heard that the wedding was going to be in Italy I did have a few reservations. I’m weird right? I thought, who wants to go to Italy in Winter? Then I got there and I realised how wrong I really was. The only downside in the end was that I think I put on about 5kg made up of Pizza & Gelato.

The goal was simple for this wedding, to take as many incriminating photos as possible of Justin, Erin and my parents in law. I think I achieved this. Enjoy!