Emotionally Connected.

Emotionally Connected. - James Day



We’re all being told that it’s a time to be socially distant from the people we love. However, I think it’s a time that we emotionally connect. I know that through photography, it can help people connect.

There are so many weddings being postponed at the moment, by choice or by force. I’m of the opinion that it’s time that we do our bit and cancel any big public gatherings.  Now, I don’t want to let my clients originally intended wedding days go by without us recognising it. I know you probably originally imagined that you would have your wedding reception in a great hall, but how about fish and chips on the beach instead?

On your originally intended wedding day, I would love as a gift from me to you for me to spend some time with you. It would be a real gift for me for me to spend that time with you on your originally intended wedding day creating and capturing memories. It’s what I’ve done for the past 16+ years and i’m not going to let that stupid virus stop us from telling your story. I would love to hang out with you on your originally intended wedding day. I would love to photograph you and the person that you’ll be marrying. So, if you want to hang out, it’s my gift to you, I’m available, as you know. hah! Let’s hang out on your originally intended wedding day.

I’d love to help you create a space where you can just connect with your partner. I’d love to take some photos of you guys dressed up, (or not) and I’d love to shout you the most casual wedding reception dinner you could ever imagine. (maybe even that fish and chips on the beach!)

I’ll be doing these shoots near where I live (about an hour south of Sydney) and most likely during the afternoon and evening for an hour or two. There is absolutely no cost for the shoot.

If you’re not local – you’re welcome to travel – if it’s wise. I’ll be following all the social distancing guidelines, giving you space and making sure you’re kept safe.

With things so uncertain at the moment with whether or not there could be a total lock down – I won’t be breaking laws or guidelines to make these shoots happen, but I will do what I can within the rules. I can’t stress enough the importance of us making wise decisions at the moment. If we can do it responsibly and safely, we’re going to make the most out of what would have been your wedding date. We won’t be shaking hands, we won’t be travelling together, but we will share lots of laughs, from at least 1.5 metres away 🙂

I’m opening this up to my couples who are affected for March, April and May for the moment, but I will likely extend this.

While I will be giving you free edited digital files – I’m more than happy to help you if you did choose to purchase some printed product. There is absolutely no obligation to buy. I just am adding this to let you know that I will make things available if people would like them.

If you’ve postponed your wedding – I take my hat off to you. Thank you. This is my way of saying thanks for doing your bit and keeping us all safe.

James (and Cath)

p.s. A massive thanks to my friends from Bloom Films who filmed and edited this for me. They are one of the videography teams that I recommend without reservation. Also a massive thank you to Bulli Anglican Church – the church that we attend for allowing us to use the church to record this video.